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Embrace your Silver Side

Embrace your Silver Side

Are you a member of the silver tribe? Thinking of ditching the dye this year? Perhaps you’re already on your way to grey…. Here are my top 3 tips for embracing your silver side:

Don’t believe the hype 

Grey is just a fabulous colour choice, it doesn’t mean you are old, washed up or have given up. Many people believe that choosing to ditch the dye symbolises a lack of care or you have fallen into frump-ville, this is  NOT the case. It is just another chic choice. Often, people project their own fears onto you, which can make you question your own decision to let your grey flag fly…. Just own it and be bold. 

Find a grey champion 

Your hairdresser should be your biggest grey supporter. If they aren’t, find a hairdresser that champions your decision and will help you along the way. This could be helping to blend your natural grey into a dyed colour, cutting your hair in a way that helps to reduce the ‘solid growth line’ effect or simply just making you feel great on your way to grey. 

Pick your products

Invest in some products that help you and your emerging or fully fledged silver feel as great as possible. My two go-tos are Glorious Shampoo, our creamy, foamy formula for everyday hydration and nourishment and our ultimate oomph giver, Shooshing Crème, for weightless volume in an instant. I think using products that not only feel gorgeous, but leave you feeling as if you’re really looking after your grey is the trick. 

As always, the team is more than happy to help you with any product advice or tips for embracing the grey via our Facebook page or at [email protected] .


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