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Does volume AND shine sound good to you?

Does volume AND shine sound good to you?

Before discovering the combo of all combos, I didn’t realise that if your hair had volume, texture, hold and lift, I didn’t have to compromise on shine. I have been a hairspray lover for years and years but since growing the layers out of my hair, while I still wanted volume, shine was also important to me. Volume-giving products can feel drying, or matte or stiff and crunchy and that was not what I wanted for our oomph-booster Shooshing Crème. On my shorter hair, I used Shoosh with a small spray of Elnett and that worked for me. As my hair has got longer, my need for volume hasn’t diminished, but my love of shine has grown.

Here’s where Lifeshine Oil comes in. Shooshing Crème and Lifeshine Oil can work together in perfect harmony to create weightless lift, texture and volume, while bringing moisture, gloss and shine to your strands. What’s great is that they can completely work for you and your hair. All you need to do is experiment with amounts, methods and styling ideas as you can use both on wet or dry hair.

Post-wash, I simply scrunch a tiny amount of Shoosh into my roots, leave to dry a little naturally, then add a few drops of Lifeshine as a finishing touch. I have blow-dried my hair for as long as I can remember, but in recent months this styling combination has encouraged me to air-dry and my natural waves and curls are reemerging. So reduced heat, speedy styling AND silver that not only feels great but looks shiny, thick and voluminous too? Yes please.

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