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Does more purple shampoo mean more brightness?

Does more purple shampoo mean more brightness?

In short, no. I understand the logic, surely the more I use a brightening shampoo, the brighter my hair? Sadly, it doesn’t quite work like that. We receive messages regularly from new customers who don’t want that ‘purple tinge’ they have experienced with other brands and products. I get it. That was exactly what I wanted to avoid when formulating our products and it’s firstly why I wanted to create a creamy white everyday shampoo, Glorious for a gorgeous foamy, nourishing cleanse as well as an amazing soft violet (not dark and inky) formula in Brilliant Shampoo for occasional brightening and combating brassiness.

As it doesn’t have a deep, dark, scary looking purple formula, Brilliant won’t cause a purple tinge. BUT that doesn’t mean you should use it every day. Less is more. Glorious Shampoo or Gloss Bar, our new solid shampoo are for regular use, a daily cleanse if you want to, or however often you wash your hair. Then, to brighten and boost once a week or once every few washes, swap in Brilliant Shampoo.

Many people also experience their hair ‘dulling’ from using too much purple shampoo in the past or using it as your everyday shampoo, rather than brightening. Brilliant Shampoo’s soft violet formula won’t dull your hair, but this still doesn’t mean you should use it every day. Some customers actually don’t use purple shampoo at all. That’s fine! The best thing to do is to have a play around with amounts and routines until you find the sweet spot. Even if you use Glorious Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner as your perfect pair and then cleanse with Brilliant Shampoo and follow with Intense Lustre Mask as little as every fortnight, that may be ideal for you.

A little tip that I sometimes pass on, is if your hair is feeling super brassy in parts or there’s a section that needs a brighten, I apply a tiny amount of Brilliant Shampoo onto my dry hair in those strands for a few minutes before getting my hair wet, then wash out and cleanse with Glorious Shampoo as normal. Reaping the rewards of a purple shampoo doesn’t even have to be with a full cleanse. It can completely work for you. Everyone’s hair is different and therefore everyone’s regime is different, so the mix/match beauty of White Hot means you can find your own way to bright grey.

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