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Curl Fever : Our 2 secret weapons for your white and grey waves

Curl Fever : Our 2 secret weapons for your white and grey waves

We’ve got curl fever. Now don’t get me wrong, I love sleek, glossy, straight hair too. But today, it’s all about the curls. Our two styling superheroes, Lifeshine Oil and Shooshing Crème work fabulously to define, de-frizz and dazzle. Although they’re totally different products, I thought I’d tell you how to use them both separately and together to enhance your curls.

Starting with Lifeshine Oil. Our light-weight, multi-purpose nourisher is perfect for use on wet or dry hair. After washing, add a couple of drops to hydrate, smooth and detangle the mid to ends of your curls before leaving to dry naturally. If you want to add a finishing touch post blow or air-dry, rub a couple of drops into your palms and scrunch into your ends, for a fragrant de-frizz and define. Do your curls start to look a little out of control towards the end of the day? A tiny amount of Lifeshine Oil will tame and smooth any flyaways, bringing the gloss and shine.

Now for Shooshing Crème. If your curls feel fluffy and frizzy, use a tiny amount of ‘Shoosh’, rubbed fully into your hands to define, tease and texturise. Again, apply to either wet or dry hair. My main tip is to use less than you think you need, as you can always add more. If you’re after a bit of extra volume and lift, a tiny amount at the roots will add that extra oomph.

Have you ever tried both products together? Post-wash or post-dry, a tiny amount of each will bring the bounce, shine and definition. Try a squeeze of Shoosh and a drop or so of Lifeshine rubbed into your palms then scrunched into the ends of your curls. Wow oh wow. Let your hair do the talking.

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