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Can I Shoosh?

Can I Shoosh?

Do you love your silver with a bit of extra bite? Need some volume and texture in your grey? Say hello to our secret weapon, Shooshing Crème. Some of you may be familiar with its magical qualities, while others might still be wondering ‘can I Shoosh?’ Well, the answer is….yes. Our Shooshing Crème can be used on any hair colour! 

Although it is part of our collection specifically created for the wants and needs of white and grey hair, Shooshing Crème gives weightless oomph, definition and volume to any hair type and colour. Now, we do say that it definitely has better results on some styles than others. In general, Shooshing Crème works best on hair in shorter styles and a little goes a long way. It might be a small tube… but it is mighty! 

Layered styles, thicker hair, curly hair, flat or fluffy hair, the list goes on. Our dreamy Shooshing Crème helps to funk up and give gorgeous lift to many hair styles and types. All you have to do is find the way you ‘shoosh’. 

My top 3 tips for finding your ‘shooshing’ style is: 

  1. Experiment 

Of course always use a small amount, but it might take you a few goes before you find the perfect amount for your hair. Start with less and add, overloading your hair will have the opposite effect.  You will be able to whip your grey into shape in a flash, but firstly find your way.

  2. Use on dry hair 

Unlike our Lifeshine Oil, Shooshing Crème is for use on dry hair. After blow or air-drying your hair, take your silver to the next level and bring that volume. 

 3. Brush and ‘reshoosh’!

I don’t wash my hair every day, however I do brush it in between washes to get any tangles or excess product out of my hair before I get ready for the day. I only apply Shooshing Crème once in the morning, brushing out my ‘bed head’ and using ‘Shoosh’ to lift and re-shape.

One of the places I get inspiration is Pinterest ( the cover image is Deborah Darling). Any advice you need, from extra Shooshing Crème tips, to the best brightening boosters, as always the team are on hand to help via our Facebook page or at [email protected]


Founder- White Hot