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Are you Brilliant or Glorious?

Are you Brilliant or Glorious?

At White Hot, we believe in the power of 2. We have not 1, but 2 shampoos in our range, Brilliant Shampoo and Glorious Shampoo . When creating our products, I wanted to give customers the option of a gentle, lilac shampoo that gives a brightening boost to lighten up your grey every few washes (Brilliant) and an everyday, shine-giving, creamy white shampoo, with a detoxing complex to neutralise any shine-dulling pollutants (Glorious).

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Some of us fear the purple shampoo, typically a dark, inky colour that may not only stain your shower, but can be overpowering on silver hair. That’s why I created Brilliant Shampoo. I wanted to show that purple shampoos don’t have to be this way. Gentle, luxurious, lilac shampoo that banishes yellowy tones and gives your grey a super-charged boost when you need it.

Silver hair doesn’t always need purple shampoo. Therefore, I decided to add Glorious Shampoo to the mix. For everyday use, with an indulgent touch of White Truffle known for its moisturising properties, Glorious is my secret weapon.

The most important thing to remember is to do what works for you and your hair. Many customers use both Glorious Shampoo and Brilliant Shampoo as part of their routine, some use Glorious paired with our Intense Lustre Mask perhaps once a week to revitalise their silver. Some use Brilliant every few washes or when their grey needs a boost but use Glorious as their main, everyday shampoo. Whatever the combination, just do what works for you. The best part is... should you wish to do so, you can buy BOTH shampoos together in the Cleanse Duo, saving £3.

Finally, our Luminous Conditioner is the perfect partner to either shampoo. Rich, creamy, smoothing and strengthening, giving your grey lustrous flex and shine with every wash.

If you need any help with product recommendations, as always please don’t hesitate to contact the White Hot Team at [email protected] or on Facebook at White Hot Hair.

I think we have just broken the record for the amount of mentions of the word ‘shampoo’ in one blog post.


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