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Blonde Life : How to brighten your blonde using White Hot

Blonde Life : How to brighten your blonde using White Hot

White Hot is a range first and foremost for white and grey hair. While we’re well and truly waving the silver flag, that doesn’t mean we’re not here with open arms for other hair colours that also need a bit of a White Hot touch.

Blondes in particular may reach for our products to brighten, boost, hydrate and de-yellowify their hair. If that’s you….welcome! Today, I thought I would share a few tips and recommendations for blondes that might be helpful for you or for a friend.

No yellow

Brilliant Shampoo is a great brightener for blondes as a soft violet cleanse once or twice a week. We suggest waiting for 2 weeks after bleaching before use though, as hair is more porous after dyeing and you may not get the desired effects straight away. Also, your hair will need some added hydration straight after bleaching, so Glorious Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner is the perfect combo for a daily nourishment and moisture injection until you can introduce Brilliant Shampoo into your routine.

Loco for coco

I’ve mentioned coconut oil many times before, but in case you’re not in the loop yet, coconut oil is a fantastic natural stain remover, plus it is super hydrating. Great as an overnight mask on damp hair, just be sure to lay a towel on your pillow.

Increase the Intense-ity

If your blonde is feeling really brassy, once a week I suggest cleansing with Brilliant Shampoo, then following with a 3 minute miracle. Our Intense Lustre Mask. Deep conditioning, hydrating, brightness boosting and brassiness banishing.

Turn down the heat

You will have heard it before, but heated stylers are one of the main reasons hair turns brassy. Silver or blonde. If you’re finding that your blonde has yellowy tones that just won’t budge, I suggest laying off the heat for a week or so and see the difference. Even if you style it once a week or even twice, it’ll help reduce the brassiness, dryness and heat damage.

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