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Autumn glow

Autumn glow

It's that time of year. The first week of autumn. The leaves start to turn, evenings get darker, mornings aren’t quite as bright as we like. Saying that, in the UK September can sometimes have a dash of ‘extended’ summer in the air and we’re often treated with a few warm days. Our hair can react to changes in weather, perhaps feeling a little thirsty and brassy after the hotter months too, so today I thought I would share a few hacks for happy hair this season.

Hack #1 Be gentle.

Try a cleanse with Gloss Bar, with soothing witch hazel, marshmallow root extract to detangle and coconut oil to gently nourish.

Hack #2 Remember to pop a treatment on every week or so.

Intense Lustre Mask is a deep-conditioning brassiness banisher and leaving it to work its magic while you soak in the bath with your favourite bubbles feels like a real treat too.


September can often feel like a time for a fresh start. We love a style change and are always encouraging you to try something different with your favourite styling products.


Hack #3 Try Lifeshine Oil in natural waves rather than your usual blowdry or give some bang to your bangs with Shooshing Crème if you usually go for a slicker style.

Hack #4 Slow down the pace of your routine.

Maybe leave your Luminous Conditioner on for longer than you usually would, twist your hair up in a clip and read your book. It’s nice not to rush.

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