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August Loves

August Loves

Last month, I wrote a White Hot Summer Recs email. It went down well! I love hearing what others have been enjoying, and it seems you all do too. It’s wonderful how we can all connect through our online communities on Facebook and Instagram, plus it really gives us a boost when you share your silver stories and selfies via email too. Our tribe really is growing! So, what have you been loving during the month of August?

Here’s what I recommend...

THE BOOK REC: ‘Around the World in 80 trains' by Monisha Rajesh

At a time when travel isn't easy, what better way to escape than reading? With just her backpack (and her fiance) Monisha left London to adventure across Russia and Mongolia, North Korea, Canada, Kazakhstan and beyond and despite being an award winning travel book, it's the observations of the wonderful array of humans they met along the way that makes this a fascinating read. Follow @monisha_rajesh on Instagram.

THE HAIR REC: Lifeshine Oil & Shooshing Crème

My new dream combo. For looser waves, I work a little Shooshing Crème into my roots before drying, and add a couple of drops of Lifeshine Oil into the mix for a boost of gloss. I do sometimes add a smidge more ‘Shoosh’ onto my dry hair, for a bit of added volume and a finishing touch. It depends on the day and what’s great about both products is that they’re buildable and can work for any hair type, style and cut. As my hair is a bit longer than usual, I’m trying to avoid the fluffy effect…and these two are all I need.

THE FOODIE REC: Perkins Bar & Bistro

It's been a really tough time for pubs and restaurants in recent months and although it's not remotely convenient for most of you, it was a delight to pick up a Sunday lunch from Perkins at Plumtree, down the road from White Hot HQ just south of Nottingham. We had the most delicious veggie Wellington with all the trimmings, beautifully presented and utterly delicious. Perhaps there's a small business local to you that has reinvented itself to serve lovely food, if so, do let us know and if there are enough suggestions, we can share them!

Do share yours, get in touch and keep spreading the White Hot love. As always, any advice you need, we would be happy to help on Facebook or Instagram or drop us an email at [email protected] .

Take care, 

Jayne - White Hot founder