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Are you Brilliant or Glorious... or both?

Are you Brilliant or Glorious... or both?

A question I often get asked is: to purple shampoo or not to purple shampoo? At White Hot, we have both gentle violet and creamy white shampoos. Struggling to decide whether you’re Brilliant, Glorious or both…? Read on. 

Glorious Shampoo is our everyday, creamy white formula for a gorgeous shine-giving  cleanse. With a luxurious touch of White Truffle and a detoxing complex to neutralise any shine-dulling pollutants, our moisturising Glorious Shampoo is the perfect introduction to our range. 

Brilliant Shampoo is our gentle, violet formula, for use every few washes or when you need a super-charged brightening boost. Our secret weapon for banishing the brassiness and reducing yellowy tones. 

When I first stopped dyeing my hair, I did have a fear of the dreaded purple shampoo, and looking at some of the more inky purple shampoos already on the market, I felt alarmed at the thought of putting them on my head and letting them run round my shower. A deep purple shampoo was NOT what I was looking for. I wanted to create a soft, violet formula that boosted my silver, bringing the brightness without the dark colour. 

Most  silver hair doesn’t need a violet shampoo every wash, so I wanted to create a shampoo for more regular use that still understood what white and grey hair needs but with  no purple. Enter Glorious Shampoo

Why use Glorious Shampoo over any other shampoo? Well, it has specific detoxing properties that are formulated to combat the shine-dulling, yellow inducing pollutants that our hair comes into contact with every day.   Not only does it help hydrate, nourish and gently brighten, it helps keep your silver bright with every wash. 

I use both shampoos as part of my routine, Glorious as my everyday cleanse and Brilliant every few washes or when my silver needs a boost. If you have a deep rooted fear of the purple shampoo, perhaps start off with our Glorious Shampoo, followed by our Luminous Conditioner and then  introduce a bit of violet into your life, with Brilliant Shampoo

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Founder- White Hot

Silver Inspiration image from Pinterest.