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A love letter to messy hair

A love letter to messy hair

Now we all love a bit of sleek, smooth, glamorous silver, of course, but today, I’m writing a love letter to the messy look. I have always loved texture, body and movement in my hair, whether it’s in a longer style or a shorter crop. I have always liked a slightly ‘undone’ feel, a looser, lower maintenance approach. The last 2 years have certainly taught us to embrace that kind of styling.

Messy doesn’t mean dry, or frazzled, or uncared for or frizzy, but it does mean fun, always different, perhaps a bit easier to maintain and maybe even a quicker routine.

One of my favourite products for a messier, more natural feel is Shooshing Crème. Our secret weapon for volume and oomph, along with texture and undone-ness. The great thing is, it can be used on wet or dry hair, as a lift in-between washes and it can work for you and your cut, however you need it to.

If you’re applying to wet hair, we suggest scrunching in a small amount to your ends, to create a beachy, natural wave. You may also want to pair it with a bit of Lifeshine Oil.

Need a volumising revival on your dry hair? Work a touch of Shoosh into your roots and your style will look Fresh with a capital F.

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