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10 ways to use Lifeshine Oil

10 ways to use Lifeshine Oil

Today, I thought I would share 10 quick-fire ways you can use Lifeshine Oil...a.k.a your silver’s best friend in the summer (in fact...all year round).

1 For a moisture injection post-wash (we don’t call it LifeSHINE for nothing…)

2 Smooth frizz and flyaways on the go. Lifeshine is small enough to pop in your bag!

3 Slick back ponytail or bun - tame strays and rock a sleek style.

4 Add gloss to a crop. Lifeshine Oil is not just for longer hair. Run a drop or 2 through the ends of a pixie for added radiance.

5 Revive your silver in between washes - perfect for a fragrant shine booster.

6 Define damp curls - warm a few drops in your palms and scrunch into those waves. Curly doesn’t mean frizzy.

7 As a glowing finishing touch after a low-heat blow dry or hair styling. *Keep heated styling to a minimum!*

8 Un-tangle and nourish wet or dry hair - boost hair health, complete your silver regime.

9 Combine with Shooshing Crème for volume AND shine - our dream styling combo.

10 Add as a hydrating barrier if you’re sitting in the sun - apply a few drops to your strands under a sun hat.

The list is endless. Lifeshine Oil is our wonderful multi-purpose, gloss-giving beauty and an essential in my bathroom (and handbag).

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