Glorious Shampoo

Glorious Shampoo

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An everyday, shine-giving cleanse for white and grey hair. With a detoxing complex to neutralise shine-dulling pollutants and a luxurious touch of White Truffle known for its moisturising properties.

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Get glorious grey and white hair in just 3 simple steps. Choose the best White Hot hair care regime for you and cleanse, condition and style your way to gorgeous hair with a beautiful, layered fragrance.

  • Glorious Shampoo

    Deep cleanse

    A detoxing complex to rid hair of everyday build-up

  • Glorious Shampoo

    Intense shine

    Dulling pollutants are banished to revive natural shine

  • Glorious Shampoo


    Extracts of White Truffle replenish hair from deep down

Glorious Shampoo provides an everyday deep cleanse to rid hair of build up and restore healthy shine.
  • Use Glorious Shampoo as a regular shine-giving cleanse for white and grey hair. With a detoxing complex to neutralise shine-dulling pollutants and a luxurious touch of White Truffle known for its moisturising properties
  • Massage into wet hair for a luxurious lather then rinse thoroughly. For added flex and shine follow with Luminous Conditioner
  • Add Brilliant Shampoo to your routine once or twice a week for an instant brightening boost
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Glorious Shampoo Reviews



Customer Comment

  • 07-Dec-2018

    Helps to keeps my grey hair from going yellow!

  • 07-Dec-2018

    As before I used before and think it is brilliant

  • 05-Dec-2018

    I love this, great smell, great consistency and leaves my hair clean and shiny

  • 05-Dec-2018

    You don’t need to use much, it’s not bright purple and it smells lovely

  • 05-Dec-2018

    Amazing products! Will never be without them!

  • 27-Nov-2018

    Melos lovely hair soft and shiny after use

  • 16-Nov-2018

    Does what it says on the website.

  • 16-Nov-2018

    Lathers up well, a little goes a long way. Leaves my hair shimmering.

  • 14-Nov-2018

    Really happy with this shampoo, it does what it says on the label & has a lovely perfume!

  • 14-Nov-2018

    I have only used it three times so far and would like to give it a little longer before I'd give it top marks.

  • 14-Nov-2018

    This product keeps my hair shiny and soft.

  • 12-Nov-2018

    Can't rats. Don't have it ywt.

  • 10-Nov-2018

    My hair now has it shine back and my fine hair has body.
    I shall definitely be buying this product again .

  • 30-Oct-2018

    Really good service fast delivery , fantastic product love it

  • 23-Oct-2018

    Ok but mad3 no difference to my hair compared to other shampoos

  • 22-Oct-2018

    Nice shampoo which leaves my mainly white hair feeling quite soft, but very expensive and can't justify the price when other conditioning shampoos would most likely produce the same effect. Also I'm not keen on the perfume which is a bit 'old lady'!

  • 21-Oct-2018

    Left my hair squeaky clean and shiny

  • 18-Oct-2018

    Excellent shampoo and conditioner leaves hair silky smooth.

  • 16-Oct-2018

    The shampoo is lovely but no better than others I have used

  • 15-Oct-2018

    Leaves hair glowing and shiny

  • 14-Oct-2018

    Lovely creamy shampoo. Smell was gorgeous.
    Only used it 2 times but pleased with the results . No claggy residue left on my hair either. Really pleased with both purchases . Will definitely be buying again . ❤️

  • 12-Oct-2018

    Second purchase of these items. My hair looks very good after using it. I would recommend it to all those ladies out there who want their grey hair to make a statement!

  • 12-Oct-2018

    Only used once so far, but already impressed

  • 08-Oct-2018

    As above product fabulous

  • 01-Oct-2018

    Really nice smell, nice feel and it left my hair well conditioned and with a nice silver tone. The hair oil is great too, it leaves hair really shiny.

  • 01-Oct-2018

    Bright clear colour on hair

  • 29-Sep-2018

    It says what's on the product

  • 24-Sep-2018

    Lovely shampoo and a great lather made my hair feel and look great.

  • 21-Sep-2018

    Brilliant, it is rarely that you get a shampoo for white hair without your hair going purple

  • 21-Sep-2018

    Smells gorgeous - lathered really well and left my hair soft and shiny

  • 06-Sep-2018

    Loved the shampoo brought out my white hair removed the yellow tinge

  • 01-Sep-2018

    Happy with how my hair looks and feels after use.

  • 31-Aug-2018

    I shampoo my hair every day and one of the selling points of the product is that it is suitable for every day use. The product looks really good but, maybe because I live in a really hard water area, I find it difficult to get a good lather. It is also quite drying and therefore conditioning is crucial. I don’t think therefore that for me the luxurious look of the product is matched by the performance. Probably in a soft water area it will be fabulous.

  • 31-Aug-2018

    fabulous shampoo for white hair, leave my hair nice and soft, will defo buy again

  • 30-Aug-2018

    Very pleased. Made my hair really soft and shiny.

  • 29-Aug-2018

    Although the shampoo smells lovely, I didn’t think it was any better than other shampoos designed for grey hair and not as good as some which are considerably cheaper.

  • 28-Aug-2018

    Better condition than with normal blue tinted products

  • 28-Aug-2018

    Very good products, needs more shampoo.

  • 26-Aug-2018

    I was hoping this would be the answer to my candy floss hair but no. Whether I used the shampoo alone or a combination of the three products, I had the same result. My hair was lank and dull. Disappointing but I will continue my search.

  • 21-Aug-2018

    This shampoo makes my hair full and shiny, and I never have to worry about looking dingy like some of the so called white shampoos.

  • 18-Aug-2018

    Brilliant does everything it says

  • 13-Aug-2018

    You only need a tiny bit and lathers well even in very hard water

  • 13-Aug-2018

    Smells lovely, lathers well even in our hard water area. Hair feels thicker. Blow dried into shape easily and held for longer

  • 12-Aug-2018

    Been using it for a while & love it ❤️

  • 10-Aug-2018

    I started to use this shampoo about 2 years ago & it really shows off my grey hair, even my hairdresser recommends it to Clients.

  • 09-Aug-2018

    Great product My hair is clean and shiny without any yellow tinges

  • 07-Aug-2018

    I like it a lot, but I am not so sure about the smell! It smells very nutty I think.

  • 17-Jul-2018

    Beautiful shampoo for my hair - I have locs, and some were turning a bit brassy and were not attractive at all. This shampoo helped restore the natural brilliance of my silver hair...

  • 10-Jul-2018

    Loved the shampoo would use it again .

  • 10-Jul-2018

    Love all the products, great results, great service, good value 💜

  • 09-Jul-2018

    Just feel i may have to use more than i normally would in a shampoo but my hair felt squeaky clean and looked good.

  • 05-Jul-2018

    I use this in between the Brilliant Shampoo. Again, a really excellent product that leaves hair shiny and soft but manageable

  • 01-Jul-2018

    I love this product it suits my hair perfectly.

  • 27-Jun-2018

    I will never use any other shampoo as it is perfect for my curly grey hair so much so that I start to worry if I’m down to my last tube !

  • 19-Jun-2018

    Really good product. Very pleased with the results.

  • 12-Jun-2018

    Fabulous great so pleased .

  • 28-May-2018

    It's a Wonderful shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling and looking great.

  • 28-May-2018

    Great all the time makes my hair shine ,

  • 28-May-2018

    The products work beautifully. My hair is rapidly going the most beautiful, shimmering white. I am thrilled by the products and my hair looks and feels stunning.

  • 27-May-2018

    Glorious shampoo and luminous conditioner are lovely products - less needed than my usual products. I have tried to go grey gracefully but succumbed to a bit of help from my lovely hairdresser. These products leave my hair soft and shiny which, my hairdresser said, is not easy for grey/white hair.

  • 26-May-2018

    It is the best shampoo and conditioner for my grey white hair.

  • 25-May-2018

    Great product have used for years always good results

  • 08-May-2018

    Very good. My hair has more body and feels very good.

  • 07-May-2018

    Smells lovely and washes well.

  • 12-Apr-2018

    Haven’t noticed any difference to other shampoos designed specifically for grey/white hair.....

  • 05-Apr-2018

    Love it made my hair a lot brighter no blue tinges

  • 28-Mar-2018

    Absolutely love this shampoo, great smell and fab results

  • 24-Mar-2018

    Leaves my hair soft and shiny and I have coarse hair.

  • 19-Mar-2018

    Excellent product and fast delivery.

  • 18-Mar-2018

    Products smell fabulous. Both shampoos clean hair gently, without making it feel as if it’s been treated with paint stripper, like some shampoos. The difference is clear from the first wash and it doesn’t change - I have been using these products for a long time.

  • 16-Mar-2018

    My hairdresser is impressed with how there is NO YELLOW in my hair, after using one tube. This is why I reordered.

  • 16-Mar-2018

    Hair as glorious as the product

  • 28-Feb-2018

    Smells gorgeous. Leaves hair clean and shiny.

  • 27-Feb-2018

    What can I say same as above. Lovely perfume l as well

  • 26-Feb-2018

    Only need a small amount and I find I don’t need to wash my hair every day.

  • 19-Feb-2018

    This is not my first purchase and I like this the most as it seems to offer the best shine to my hair. Very little is needed and it doesn't weigh my hair down. My hair looks 'just washed' even after three days. It is worth the money.

  • 02-Feb-2018

    It left my hair quite dry, not impressed.

  • 31-Jan-2018

    I love this shampoo, my grey streaks now look like they have been professionally added!!!

  • 25-Jan-2018

    Rich and creamy, best shampoo ever used - except for White Hot Brilliant Shampoo

  • 21-Jan-2018

    New to me, only used once so far, lovely to use.

  • 18-Jan-2018

    Lovely everyday for silver hair.

  • 18-Jan-2018

    Love this shampoo, makes my white hair bouncy and shiny

  • 18-Jan-2018

    There is no other shampoo that I have used for grey hair that comes close to this one. I get stopped in the street and asked about the colour and this is down to the glorious shampoo I use.

  • 22-Dec-2017

    Wonderful product as always! I've started gifting it to friends and colleagues as it's not easy to find hair products for grey or white hair here in Italy!

  • 20-Dec-2017

    I use this occasionally when I’m not using Brilliant Shampoo. Another lovely product.

  • 16-Dec-2017

    Leaves my hair shiny and soft

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