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Winter Winners

Winter Winners

‘Tis the season….for cosy nights in, bubble baths…and a dash of self care of course. The calm before the (lovely) festive storm. Today I wanted to share a few winning winter tips to tide you over until your White Hot stash is waiting under the tree for you.

Silver feeling a little on the dry side?

Reach for Gloss Bar as your staple shampoo and follow with a generous squeeze of rich and creamy Luminous Conditioner. De-tangle, de-frizz, rehydrate.

Lifeshine brighter than the Christmas tree...

During the summer, we often say that Lifeshine Oil is a great addition to your beach bag and although your choice of handbag might look a little different at this time of year, keep Lifeshine close by. It is still perfect for a midday smooth, a fragrant revival, a few drops of gloss after a long day of Christmas shopping.

Remember I mentioned that soak in a bubble bath?

In our eyes, no bath is complete without Intense Lustre Mask. The best excuse for a long lie down. Plus, you will emerge with deeply moisturised and brightened grey…could you wish for much more?

One last tip...

Not just because you might catch a chill, but try not to go out in the cold with wet hair. It can cause extra breakage and frizz, which none of us have on our Christmas list.

Browsing for the perfect gift for a grey in your life? Here’s a few team faves...

Boost and Shoosh Duo

Pamper Pair

The Infinity Quartet

Shine Duo

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