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Why Can Grey Hair Sometimes Look Brassy?

Why Can Grey Hair Sometimes Look Brassy?

Nothing is more striking than a confident woman embracing her gorgeous grey locks. We love that no two grey heads are exactly the same shade - grey hair is unique and beautiful, and it deserves to always look its best. However, we also know that white and grey hair can need special care and attention and one of the questions we often get asked is:

Why does gorgeous grey hair sometimes go brassy and yellow?

There are quite a few reasons why grey hair can turn brassy or yellow, for example, everyday pollutants, exposure to chlorine and the heated stylers that we use most days can give grey hair yellowy tones. But, much as we love it, the sun is also a major culprit of turning grey hair a brassy yellow. The effects of the sun can bleach your grey and white hair, so it takes on a more yellowy hue.

However, help is at hand...Here at White Hot, we developed our Brilliant Shampoo to give grey hair a super-charged boost of brightness and banish dull and yellowy tones. It also contains an optical brightener that leaves hair with a dazzling shine, restoring your hair to a beautiful bright white and giving it the care it needs.

So, if you’re going on holiday to hotter climates any time soon, make sure you pack your Brilliant Shampoo. You can buy it along with our other grey hair care products here.