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White Hot in a HEATWAVE : How to protect your greys from the sun's rays

White Hot in a HEATWAVE : How to protect your greys from the sun's rays

I’m no weather woman, but I can tell you it is SCORCHING here in the UK. Completely glorious! Some of you may be wondering how to protect your silvers from the sun’s rays, so I thought I would send a quick note to hopefully help you out a little.

Wrap it up

Hair wraps have a number of benefits. 1. Hair protection 2. De-frizzing 3. Stylish accessorising. I could go on. I love this one from Briogeo. A fun, bright pattern, light-weight, gentle fabric and it’s also a nice way to stay cool too. (In both temperature and style!!)

Loco for coco

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll only briefly mention coconut oil. It’s a great natural mask and even better for summer-drenched silver. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to incorporate it into our Gloss Bar formula. Say goodbye to the brassiness, say hello to bright, shiny silver.

Be shady

Not only is shade great for your silver, but also your skin. I love a burst of sunshine on my face, but keeping your face and hair mostly out of the glare of the sun is your best chance of keeping the yellowy tones at bay.

Masking while basking

If you’re planning on having a quick blast of sunshine at the end of the day pre-shower, I would suggest wetting your hair, twisting it up with a clip (if it’s in a longer style) and combing a tiny tiny amount of Intense Lustre Mask through your grey. A few minutes of Intense while you read your book? Perfect. Then simply shampoo with Glorious or Gloss Bar as normal, apply your Luminous Conditioner and you’re all done.

Don’t get thirsty

The sun can be very drying. Another tip for healthy heatwave silver is to keep on top of your conditioner routine. Lock in moisture and don’t skip the hydrating step. If you can leave it on for an extra minute or so while you wash, go for it.

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