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What's your story? Jayne's journey from dye to freedom...

What's your story? Jayne's journey from dye to freedom...

One of the most wonderful things about the White Hot community is your willingness to share your stories. Supporting others, offering tips and championing each other. I thought today I would share my journey to grey, in the hope that you share yours too. Perhaps we could even do a regular newsletter dedicated to sharing a story from a member of the White Hot tribe? Let us know what you think.

So, here’s mine. My very dark brown hair started going grey in my teens and I started colouring in my twenties, sometimes just for fun. By the time I hit my fifties I had no idea what colour lurked beneath and I never paused to find out. At that point, I had a shortish, layered style kept dark brown with all over hair colour done every 4 weeks. I would say the colour only felt right about 1 week in 4, feeling too dark at first, then too light at the end. Sun and summer always lifted the colour, so I would go for a lighter shade of mid brown in the summer months. As my hair got increasingly whiter, it got much harder to cover and the colour looked artificial, taking on an orangey tinge. Looking back, it wasn’t a good look!

It felt like a big decision and I knew I had to change what was in my head, before I changed what was on it. My fabulous, supportive hairdresser suggested stopping colouring and took me through a process which took around 12 months and having shorter hair definitely made it easier. I stopped the dark dyeing, blending in some lighter brown lowlights to soften the regrowth line, going from dark brown, to light brown, to golden grey, to my natural silvery white. I have never looked back. Freedom!

Was yours a similar journey? Or something completely different? Perhaps you’re growing out right now? Or thinking about it? Whatever your story is, we would love to hear from you, so reach out on Facebook or Instagram to share your story, or of course drop us an email at [email protected] . Anything you need product-wise, reach out on any of those platforms too.

Here’s to freedom,


Founder- White Hot


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