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SOS! Unpredictable weather hair guide

SOS! Unpredictable weather hair guide

Well, I don’t know about you…but I’m not sure if I’m coming or going with this weather in the UK at the moment. One minute it’s raining, the next bright blue skies…then hail…then thunder?

Unpredictable weather doesn’t do wonders for the ‘do. Today, I thought I would send you an emergency mini guide to haircare in this sprinter (spring and winter) weather.

#1 Gentle is key

Reach for your most soothing cleanse. In our bathroom, that’s Gloss Bar of course. Packed with witch hazel, coconut oil and marshmallow root extract, gently de-tangle, hydrate, boost-moisture and shine. Maybe even go for a double cleanse.

#2 Lay off the heat

With the wind buffeting our barnet (I had to), now is not the time to grab the straighteners. Surrender to the elements! Perhaps twist your hair up into a clip with an extra dose of Lifeshine Oil, or slick back your crop and pop a cap on for some added nourishment. Reduce breakage and friction in a couple of simple steps.

#3 Let’s mask

If you’re hiding from the rain, why don’t you take a bit of extra time on your hair today? After double cleansing with Gloss Bar, follow with a few minutes of deep hydration and conditioning, brightening and combating brassy tones, with Intense Lustre Mask.

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We’re ready for you spring… come out, come out wherever you are… If you want to talk routines or need some dye-ditching tips, drop us a note on Facebook or Instagram. You can also email us if you prefer to chat there. Send your sprinter selfies to us, we love to see them!


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