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Lifeshine Oil : The pump is BACK

Lifeshine Oil : The pump is BACK

We're pumped up...

Good morning! Today I wanted to share an update with you. As you know, we have been gradually launching our new packaging designs over the past few months. We love the new designs, you love the new designs, but we’re also listening. To what you like best, to your preferences and what you find easiest to use.

Lifeshine Oil has been in a new bottle with a pipette. Many of you love it, we love how it looks and we love how precise you can be with application. But, saying that…the general feeling is you preferred our beloved pump bottle. You miss the pump! We get it.

At White Hot, we’re always keen to try new things, experiment and see what you love (and what you don’t). We’re always listening. So, the pump is back. This week orders placed containing Lifeshine Oil will be in our new and improved pump bottle, rather than with the pipette.

Pump it up!

Any questions? Please feel free to reach out on Facebook or Instagram or send an email and we’ll get back to you. Keep sending your selfies too, we love to hear from you!


White Hot Founder