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Stay Icy in the Heat

Stay Icy in the Heat

Finally! The sun has got its hat on. As you might already know, I love my early morning coffees outside in the garden, listening to the birds and seeing the bright sunshine peek out through the trees. It’s not quite the same looking at the rain trickling down the windows, is it?

With the sun, comes brassiness. Not always and not instantly, but the sun can cause those yellowy tones to appear. So, here are my top tips for staying oh so icy in the heat.

Violet vibes

Use Brilliant Shampoo, my go-to for bright, bright silver. With a gentle violet formula for boosting your natural tones and banishing the brassiness, swap Brilliant into your routine every couple of washes during the summer months to keep the yellow at bay. If the brass really won’t budge, I would suggest popping a small amount on the most affected areas, a few minutes before getting in the shower. Simply apply a tiny squeeze to dry hair, wash out, then shampoo as normal. Voila!


Our Intense Lustre Mask is not only a brightening booster, but a super hydrator too. We all know the sun can be drying and with Intense, you can tackle your thirsty strands plus treat the yellow too. After shampooing, apply our violet deep conditioning mask for 3 minutes and let it soak your silver…..

Hello headbands

If you’re having a sunny day in the garden, pop some coconut oil on your hair, twist it up (if in a longer style) and use a headband to protect your roots from the sun’s rays. Coconut oil is a natural stain remover and not only leaves your silver silky smooth, but is lovely to leave on as a treatment too. I like these on Free People .

Go natural

Lay off the heated stylers for a few days. Maybe even longer! Embrace the way your hair dries naturally. Giving your grey a heat-break will help reduce brassiness.

Do you have any top tips of your own? Do share them with us. Need product advice or just a chat? Find us on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email at [email protected] . Also, please keep sending your sunny silver selfies… they really do brighten our day!

Jayne- White Hot founder