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Spring mornings series : Chapter 2

Spring mornings series : Chapter 2

The birds are tweeting, the flowers are blooming, the silver is shining. It’s time for another Spring Mornings chapter.

To recap, every few weeks, I share a radiant routine of the week, with our White Hot products of choice (as always), plus a book and a bonus self care tip we are loving. Expect a mix of wonderful ways to wake up your day and slow starts to a spring morning… Let’s go.

This week, we’re going for gloss.

Start with our creamy dreamy solid shampoo, Gloss Bar. Double cleanse. Then when you’re feeling squeaky clean, pop on our rich and velvety Luminous Conditioner to soak for a minute. Finish with a few drops of our go-to gloss giver Lifeshine Oil on damp hair.

Try Luminous Gloss Duo

Try Lifeshine Oil

Read of the week

You Be Mother by Meg Mason. A total beauty. I didn’t want to put it down, but didn’t want it to end. The sign for a great read, I would say. Perfect to pick up on a sunny spring morning with a coffee in the garden.

Bonus drop of self care

It’s time to wake up. How, might you ask? With glass facial ice globes. Let me explain. Basically, two glass wands with balls on the end, full of ice, massaged on your face. Refreshing, de-puffing, brightening…we love them.

Need some help picking your spring clean routine? We’re happy to help over on Facebook or Instagram or drop us a note to [email protected] if you prefer. Keep sending your selfies to us too, we would love to see your spring silvers!


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