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Root Camp : Growing out your grey & where to start

Root Camp : Growing out your grey & where to start

Whether you’re currently growing out your grey, you know someone who’s growing out their grey or you have grown out your grey, you’ll have something to say on the journey to dye-free life. Even if you’re so settled into the silver tribe that your dye-ditching adventure feels like a distant memory, I hope you can share this email with someone who is deciding whether to take the plunge or has just skipped their first dye appointment. We can all help each other, whatever stage of silver you’re at. So, grab a coffee and have a read.

Do it for you

Perhaps one of, if not the most important tips. There are no ‘shoulds’. If you dye your hair and feel truly amazing when you look in the mirror, stick with it. Many people may be surprised that we aren’t actively trying to get more people to ditch the dye. At White Hot, although we know how fabulous the dye-free life is, we are not the hair dye police. We firmly believe in choice, in championing feeling great in your own skin (and hair), whatever that looks like for you and in whatever way makes you feel most yourself. Decide to ditch the dye for you. And no one else. Similarly, if friends, family or your hairdresser are trying to convince you to keep dyeing when you don’t want to, that’s another story. Find a new hairdresser - one that celebrates silver, take a leap and trust yourself. Do it for you.

Ride it Out

Starting is the hardest as it doesn’t always look like a deliberate choice. The first couple of skipped dye-jobs may feel a little painful, but as simple as this tip is, I think going into it with the knowledge that initially you may feel a bit like grabbing the closest box-dye to cover up your roots and that the best thing to do is ride it out will help you to accept and welcome your emerging silver with each week that passes. Your hairdresser may also be able to blend your root colour or add some highlights to soften your grow out line, which can certainly help too.

Updo Inspo

If you have longer hair, it goes without saying that you will have a longer road ahead. Some choose to chop their hair at the beginning of their grow-out, but others feel keen to keep their length and maybe snip off the remaining dye at the end. There are reams of great up-do inspo photos on Pinterest and Instagram, showing you how to style your hair as it grows out…and make it look funky along the way. Take a look!


Although we love an up-do, it might be tempting to throw your hair up and neglect a normal washing routine. Not only will it feel good to keep your hair clean, shiny and nourished, it will boost the condition of your emerging grey. We tend to suggest our creamy everyday Glorious Shampoo or Gloss Bar for newbies for a hydrating cleanse.

Changing what’s IN your Head

Something my wonderful hairdresser said to me right at the start of my journey….a quote I think I want on a t-shirt. Change what’s IN your head, before you change what’s ON your head. Join communities, follow some glorious greys on Instagram, look to Pinterest for some silver style inspo or find some #greyspiration articles. You won’t feel alone and may even grow to LOVE the experience.

You can Always go Back!

Nothing is permanent. Although I personally have never met someone that regrets ditching the dye, if you found you couldn’t stand your silver, you can always go back to dyeing. No shame, no regrets.

Want to talk products? Reach out on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help. Do send us your grow-out journey selfies, we would LOVE to see them!