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Moisture to the Max

Moisture to the Max

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated. Well, our hair is no different. After embracing the grey, it can feel more coarse or potentially dryer than what we’re used to. That’s why the key to shiny, glossy, nourished silver is all in the condition. I thought I’d share our 3 marvellous moisture givers…

Luminous Conditioner

With smoothing and strengthening Keravis(TM) for bounce and shine and a luxurious touch of White Truffle known for its moisturising properties, Luminous is the gift that keeps on soaking…. Creamy white in colour, leave your silver feeling lusciously hydrated and radiant.

Intense Lustre Mask

A bathroom shelf is not complete without our 3 minute miracle. Perfect for a pamper, gorgeous for a long soak in a (cool) bath… oh and did I mention it also gives a brightening boost? Our gentle,violet formula revitalises and deeply hydrates silver in need of a drink.

Lifeshine Oil

I have spoken quite a bit about Lifeshine recently…. Nourishing, shine-giving and totally light-weight, a couple of drops will smooth and de-tangle and moisturise, with a high gloss finish.

So my wish for you? May your silvers be bright, shiny and deeply hydrated!

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Founder - White Hot