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'White Hot is the best!' : May testimonials

'White Hot is the best!' : May testimonials

We know you love to hear from you as much as we do. From fellow White Hot-ers, real customers, real people. We can say how wonderful our products are until the dye grows out (or the cows come home…your choice), but hearing from other silvers? Now we’re talking.

Today, I wanted to share a few lovely messages we’ve recently received from White Hot-ers, just like you.

‘I’ve switched about and tried several makes of shampoo but the White Hot Hair range is so softening and makes my hair glow, I’m sticking with it.’


‘I have quite short hair, so the mousse goes on after washing then let it dry naturally. The Shooshing Crème is when it’s dry to give shape & hold. Love them both, along with both shampoos and the conditioner’


Try Cleanse and Condition Trio

Try Shooshing Crème

‘Got my first order yesterday and washed my hair last night. The smell is divine. My hair blow dried wonderfully and this morning my hair is still in place unlike other mornings. Huge fan already. Now all I need is a body wash, moisturiser and perfume with the same scent’ Wendy ‘I've been using the Glorious Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner weekly. I've just purchased the Brilliant Shampoo and mask which I use every 3 weeks to give my hair a boost. My hair is the best it's been in years. I'm in my 3rd year not colouring my hair. Love your products.’


Try Shorter Hair Quartet

Try Intense Lustre Mask

‘Just started using the Short Hair Duo and conditioner after spending a fortune on numerous other expensive hair products. White Hot Hair is The Best!! Hair is in much better condition and my white hair even got a compliment for the first time ever this week’


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