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Joining the 'Grey Brigade'

Joining the 'Grey Brigade'

Jane Buckle, shares her transition story of when she first joined the 'Grey Brigade' - thanks so much for sending this in Jane!

I found my first grey hair when I was just thirteen, which I promptly tore off my scalp. I found more and more as I grew older until I could no longer ignore them.

I suppose that looking at my family I should have cottoned onto the fact that I didn’t stand a chance of staying brunette. My mother and father were white as snow as were both my grandmothers. All my siblings are grey of varied colours, with exception of one of my brothers who has a total mop of snow. Jealous? Absolutely.

For years I refused to give in gracefully, despite comments from all and sundry and so I finally reached for the bottle.

Until you have tried dyeing it yourself you will not understand the constant dithering in the chemist wondering which colour to try every month. Then the careful mixing of two bottles, an hour spent with your hair wrapped up in cling film and an old towel. Not to mind the whole house reeking with the smell of ammonia.

Of course you could set off to the nearest hairdresser, but if you have to have your roots touched up every six weeks it can be wildly expensive. When I lived in France I read a report in the newspaper that hair colouring can cause cancer so there and then I decided to give in and embrace my natural colour.

I headed to the nearest hairdresser and explained what I wanted. She looked very surprised but carried on. This transformation took three stages. The first time I went blonde, the second semi blonde and the third turned me into Marilyn Monroe with totally platinum hair of course. Everyone was shocked when they saw me including the dog!

Unfortunately all the chemicals that were applied during the process had the most dire effect. My hair started falling out in handfuls. I rushed back to the hairdresser who told me the best thing was to cut off my shoulder length hair and have a crop. So I bit the bullet and watched my hair fall to the salon floor.

The grey shorn style had three results: one of hilarity, the other shock, and a few who thought it looked great. Oh, and a cousin who I shall never speak to again.

My new look revealed that I have three shades of grey; snowy on top, steely in the middle and silvery grey underneath. I wish that nature would make up its mind!

So on to styling for we greys. When I came back to England after six wonderful years I moved into a small village that boasts a Post Office, a mini supermarket and no less than three hairdressers! Two of them aimed at the young with pictures of gorgeous girls with stunning hair plastered on their salon windows and a tiny one which seemed to specialise in the ‘Grey Brigade’.

First off I tried one of the fashionable ones and came out with a hairstyle that might have looked good on a twenty something girl but not on me. The girl gave me a geometrical cut despite me pointing out that I would prefer a rather more conservative style.  I came out looking like the proverbial mutton dressed as lamb.

I resorted to the little one that embraces style for the Grey Brigade. Once past the overwhelming smell of hairspray I saw that the tiny salon is full up all the time - always a good sign. It seemed that most of their clients had opted for a perm and a no-nonsense style. Presumably a quick comb through is all it needs to get ready to go out. Personally I have not yet had a perm but I feel one coming on! But despite the customers (all of whom should join the Grey Brigade) I went in and came out with a superb cut that really suited me and with my hair glowing.

It was there that I discovered White Hot hair products. I don’t know if you find that grey hair dries out quite quickly, but if it does the White Hot range will have the right product. I find that their Brilliant Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner  work like magic and honestly make your hair feel soft and glossy. I wish that I had found them earlier, each and every one of my friends and my family who I told to try it love the results.

A lot of magazines are now showing young girls who pay to have grey hair, good for them I say! Of course we members of the ‘Grey Brigade’ will be cheering you on – it is your hair and the cut and colour of your choice.

Thanks again to Jane Buckle for sending in her transition story - if you want to buy White Hot products, discover our full range here. If you prefer getting your products on the high street, did you know White Hot products are now available in over 130 Boots stores nationwide?