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It's time for grey to take to the stage : NAME YOUR SHADE

It's time for grey to take to the stage : NAME YOUR SHADE

White, silver, grey, salt and pepper hair. As we often say, one of our favourite things about undyed hair is that there can be many shades on one head. Each person’s colour is different, even in the smallest of ways. That is maybe the most beautiful thing of all. Your shade is completely you.

Hair dyes are given exotic, beautiful names such as ‘iced coffee’, ‘golden sands’, ‘frosted chestnut’. It’s time for grey to take to the stage. We’re no longer ‘just’ grey. We’re ‘stormy skies’, ‘dusky twilight’, ‘frosty lake’. The best part? We can all describe our hair differently and it can change day by day! Some may go for a creative ‘arctic snow’ , ‘smokey steel’, ‘silver moon’, whereas some may prefer simply salt and pepper. You can describe your own hair in whatever way fits best. There are no box dye standard colours here! Today, we encourage you to think of your own silver shade. It’s fun, plus if you’re newer to the grey life, it can help you celebrate your natural look even more.

Want to talk products? Reach out on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email at [email protected] . Do keep sending your silver selfies too and also drop us a note with your own silver shade and we’ll share our favourites soon!


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