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Illuminate your face

Illuminate your face

Has anyone heard of a face frame? It’s a hair dyeing technique that basically illuminates your face, by using a lighter colour at the front of your hair. It can look very pretty and has a lovely brightening effect. Just because we’re not about the dye, doesn’t mean we can’t feel the glow, we just have to get creative.

One of my favourite things about silver,white and grey hair is that each head is different. Some of us have darker tones underneath, some of us have silver strands running through the back and a darker front, some have icy white hair or smokey grey. I love them all. Plus, your hair always looks different depending on the light and the way you have styled it. Some even have a natural face frame, and it looks glorious.

So how can you illuminate your face? Boost your brightness? Get the glow? Well of course playing around with the front of your hair to reveal your brightest strands can be an idea, but in terms of a radiant gloss, reach for Lifeshine Oil.

Even if you have used a small amount already on damp hair, smoothing a few drops through the front of your dry hair for added shine can take your silver to the next level. (Plus applying Lifeshine Oil at the front of your hair gives you a casual whiff of our gorgeous signature White Hot fragrance as your hair blows in the wind, lucky you)

Finally, when it comes to illuminating your skin, a base product I’m absolutely loving at the moment is the Glossier Future Dew oil/serum hybrid. It’s a fabulous dewy radiance bringer and sits perfectly under your foundation/ tinted moisturiser or alternatively alone!

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