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If in doubt, Shoosh it out : Our secret weapon for VOLUME

If in doubt, Shoosh it out : Our secret weapon for VOLUME

When we first created our secret weapon volumiser, Shooshing Crème, we were aiming it at shorter styles. We now know it does so much more! One of my favourite things about our range is that you can always find new ways of using the products. Whether that’s combining them, mixing and matching or experimenting with styling. Shooshing Crème is in fact fabulous on longer hair too. The joy in discovering a whole new way of using a product you love already, is that it actually feels like another whole new product!

Of course, depending on what you’re aiming for with Shoosh, you will apply it slightly differently. If you’re looking to define your curls, rub a touch of product into your hands and scrunch into mid-ends of damp waves and maybe a little into the roots too. Want to raise the volume of your choppy crop? Squeeze a tiny amount of Shoosh into your hands, rub together and scrunch into wet or dry roots, adding texture, lift and oomph in an instant. Love a slicked back look? Less is more, so again a micro-blob of product rubbed into your hands will smooth, slick and texturise longer or shorter styles. Need some root lift on longer silver? Bring back the micro-blob, and scrunch a little into your damp roots, trying to work in rather than coat your hair in product.

Regardless of how you use it, Shooshing Crème is small but mighty. Always use less than you think you need, as you can always build up if you need to. Also, it’s a personal product and will work for your hair as you want. The best thing to do is play around, test out different amounts, methods and styles until you find your *THIS IS IT!* moment.

I was thinking of doing a product series, sharing different ways of using each product to help you get the most out of your White Hot dream team. Would you be interested in that? If so, do send us a note on Facebook or Instagram, or of course email us here at [email protected] . Any product questions? You know where we are.