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How to refresh your silver

How to refresh your silver

A new year. Is there ever a better time for a fresh look? A refresh on your style? A freshen up on your silver’s condition? You might have gathered, today is all about staying FRESH. I thought I would share a few top tips for your best (and freshest) grey.

Switch up your cut

Feel like your style has been pretty samey for a while? While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to something that works and you feel comfortable with, it’s surprising how much a new trim can give you and your hair a new lease of life. A boost. A change. Maybe even trying something out of your comfort zone? Take a look on our Instagram for masses of cut inspiration at any length.

Keep conditioning

Hydration is key. Especially during the colder winter months. Make sure you keep up that conditioner routine, preferably with every wash, even if you only apply a small amount of Luminous Conditioner. Whatever works for you. Some hair feels thirstier than others, so it’s important to find your perfect amount and stay consistent.

Boost shine

If your hair is feeling extra dry, Lifeshine Oil is your best friend. Whether it’s on wet or dry hair, a few drops of Lifeshine will boost your glow like nothing else. Smooth over a slick ponytail on an in-between-washes day or run a touch through your hair post-cleanse. Let your shine do the talking.


Often the more relaxed you are with your style and look, the fresher you feel. Let loose, allow your locks to dry naturally, embrace natural texture and wave, celebrate low maintenance style. We certainly love it at White Hot.

I hope this helps. If you need anything else, find us on Instagram or Facebook or drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help. Do send us your selfies with the hashtag #silvertribe2022 too! We love to see them.