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Hairdresser tips on going grey "gracefully"

Hairdresser tips on going grey "gracefully"

Now don’t get us wrong, we aren’t in the habit of watching daytime TV in the office, but last week we just had to tune into This Morning, with the ultimate silver fox, Phillip Schofield to see what they said about the best way to embrace your grey.  

Let us say as a starting point, that we really don’t like the phrase “going grey gracefully” - it makes us feel old and passive before our time - but this was the name of the feature with celebrity hairdresser Paul Percival.

Paul had lots of practical tips about how best to care for our hair during the transition, but we think he missed a vital stage in the process, which is all about attitude. We think that successfully taking the plunge and sticking with your decision is all about confidence - you have to sort out what’s in your head, before you sort out what’s on your head.

So that’s our No#1 tip, but once you’ve got that bit sorted, here are Paul’s tips for how to embrace your new shade of hair:

TOP TIP #2: Paul advised considering a fresh, youthful haircut to help you on your way. After all, going grey is NOT about letting go! A stylish haircut can really enhance your colour.

TOP TIP #3: Use a silver shampoo – not those inky purple shampoos designed for bleached blondes – but shampoos especially designed for white and grey hair. We would recommend White Hot Brilliant Shampoo; a silver shampoo that is specially created for the needs of white and grey hair. It works by banishing any dull, yellowy tones that grey hair can have and brightens hair leaving it looking and feeling fabulous!

TOP TIP #4: As white and grey hair can be a lot drier and coarser, Paul suggested using hair products that give deep down moisturisation. All White Hot products are ultra-moisturising to nourish white and grey hair from the root to the tip. If your hair tends to be quite dry, then we recommend using White Hot Luminous Conditioner after washing your hair with either Glorious or Brilliant Shampoo. Luminous Conditioner has a beautiful, rich and creamy formula which adds moisture back to your hair for a healthy shine. But if your hair is really thirsty and crying out for some serious rehydration, then try White Hot Intense Lustre Mask; our deep conditioning mask to not only nourish and moisturise white and grey hair, but brighten it up too.

We know it can be really daunting to take the plunge, but when we talk to people we find that once they make their minds up, they never look back, and actually feel liberated by the whole thing.  Let’s face it - what’s the worst that can happen?  We’re not the hair police - we truly believe that people should do whatever makes them feel good and if you discover that your natural grey hair is just not for you, then simply dye it again.  But we bet once you start, you’ll love it!

To discover our full product range for white and grey hair, visit our White Hot shop today. For more advice on embracing your grey read Jayne’s top 10 tips here.