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Finer hair tips

Finer hair tips

Body isn’t just reserved for thicker hair. Bounce isn’t only for full, tumbling curls. At White Hot, we celebrate all different hair types, thicknesses and shades of grey. When you ditch the dye, you might be lucky enough to have thicker-feeling and looking strands, whereas some experience thinning or hair lacking in volume. Today, I wanted to share a few finer hair tips….

#1 Head to Infinity

I’m sure we have all experienced that ‘too much product’ feeling… your hair feeling lank, weighed down or crunchy after using products that promise body and movement. Infinity Mousse is the opposite. Lighter than a feather and fluffy as a cloud, it will bring effortless bounce, radiant shine and stylish definition, without any crispiness, crunch or a heavy formula. Simply scrunch a few generous foamy pumps into your ends and work a touch into your roots and you’ll head to Infinity.

#2 Embrace the in-between

Many people with thinner hair feel that they have to wash their hair more often. If anything, we encourage you to embrace the in-between washes look, celebrate the added oomph and texture, the slightly less silky smooth, squeaky clean feel. Maybe by styling it slightly differently, adding some extra Shooshing Crème for volume or twisting your hair into a clip. Also, after a while…your hair will get used to the less frequent washing, which is great for reducing hair shedding too.

#3 Don’t ditch the conditioner

Another common feeling from those with thinner hair is that they should avoid conditioner. At White Hot, we always say our products are perfect to mix and match, they work for you as and when you need them and there is no set routine to follow. Saying that, we feel like everyone can benefit from a conditioner step. The cooler weather can increase dryness, as can the longer we’re in-between haircuts and for general hair health, hydration is essential.

#4 Keep it simple

It’s not about overloading your hair with buckets of products. Find a great routine that brings hydration, nourishment and combats brassy tones, while achieving the style you love, whether that’s sleek and smooth or textured and voluminous. Start at the basics, perhaps with gentle Gloss Bar and a touch of Luminous Conditioner, follow with a bounce-boosting styler of your choice (Shoosh for mid-strong hold or Infinity for light-medium movement)

#5 Celebrate what you have

Before I grew out my textured crop, I used to think my hair didn’t or wouldn’t grow. I was wrong. I have loved my midi ever since and it has brought much more versatility to my hair than I thought possible. Have I wished for longer, flowier hair over the years? Absolutely. One thing I have found in life (not just in hair) is that celebrating what you have, not always searching for greener (or thicker) grass is the key to happiness.

Do you have any tips for finer hair? We would love to hear from you, as always. Remember, reach out on Facebook or Instagram or drop an email to [email protected] if you prefer to chat there. Keep sending your selfies too!


White Hot Founder