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Embrace your grey to get more in the black

Embrace your grey to get more in the black

It’s no secret that covering up grey roots takes time, effort According to a recent survey, more than a third of women[1] who have now embraced their grey, used to visit the salon every 4 weeks or less to cover it up. With the average head of highlights costing £66[2] (minus cut and blow-dry), UK women are splashing out around £900 per year on colouring their hair.

But despite the hefty monthly outgoings to the salon, many women continue to spend hundreds of pounds and hours covering up their grey. There’s no denying the fact that ditching the dye and embracing your natural grey is a daunting prospect for many women and White Hot Founder Jayne knows that this can be unnerving, but her experience was actually hugely liberating:

Once you’ve changed what’s in your head, it’s not difficult to change what’s on your head. People used to associate going grey with letting go, but I’ve actually found it liberating. No more worrying about roots; no more stressing about trying to get an appointment at the hairdresser – and it’s exciting to see what colour you actually are under all that dye. I feel good in my own skin, so why can’t I in my own hair?”

Grey hair used to be associated with ‘letting yourself go’ but it's just another colour choice, there shouldn’t be a stigma about it. Grey is aspirational in fashion, interiors and beauty, so why not for hair? For women who are prepared to take the plunge, here are some top tips to keep in mind when deciding to embrace your grey:

  • First and foremost, find a hairdresser you trust and talk to them about the process and how best to approach it – they’ll know your hair better than anyone else
  • Embracing your natural grey can be like the times in the past when you experimented with new hair colours and loved it – grey is an exciting new colour choice like any other!
  • You don’t have to go ‘cold turkey’ – there’s a lot you can do to make the change a gradual one, for example, chunky lighter highlights or a new haircut to enhance your colour
  • Grey hair is NOT about letting go – you need to plan in a trip to the hairdresser every five weeks to keep your hair looking in top condition

One product we’d recommend during the transition is Glorious Shampoo. As it contains a detoxing complex to neutralise shine-dulling pollutants, it will really enhance what you’ve already got and will give your hair a shine-giving cleanse. And as it contains a luxurious touch of White Truffle, which is known for its moisturising properties, your hair will feel gorgeously smooth. Click here to browse our full range of shampoos, conditions and styling products especially designed for grey and white hair.

[1] Results of 200 women taken from Facebook survey January 2016

[2] Based on average salon prices of full head of highlights January 2016