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What did you learn about yourself after ditching the dye?

What did you learn about yourself after ditching the dye?

Dye-freedom starts from within.

Deciding to stop dyeing your hair is certainly not a purely external experience. In fact, it starts from within, and the internal impact of ditching the dye is much longer lasting. How did you feel when you initially stopped dyeing? Compare it to how you feel now.

What would you tell the past you, wondering whether to grow out your dye…?

From the beginning of White Hot, one of the most positive and vibrant aspects of our community is the sharing of stories of inner transformation, the age and life positivity, the messages of self acceptance. In fact, more than simply self acceptance, but self celebration. There’s something very calming about being at peace with yourself, exactly as you are.

Just some food for thought today.

A last question to ponder on…

What did you learn or discover about yourself after ditching the dye?

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