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Ditch the Dry - Hydration tips for white and grey hair

Ditch the Dry - Hydration tips for white and grey hair

At White Hot, we do go on about hydration. From the summer months, to the colder months, grey needs that moisture. No apologies for that! Some say their hair feels dry and more coarse after ditching the dye and therefore we want to help keep that hydration locked in. As our products are also loved by blondes and bleaching can cause hair to feel very brittle, nourishing moisture is essential for the dyers among us too.

Today I thought I would share some tips for ditching the dry once and for all.

Be Luminous

Blustery wind, chilly air, colder days can mean frizz, tangles and thirsty hair. Adding creamy Luminous Conditioner into your routine a little more regularly will help strengthen, smooth and bring the shine.

Coconuts aren’t just for summer

One of our favourite natural beauty hacks at White Hot is coconut oil. Not only a natural stain remover and brassiness banisher, but also gorgeously hydrating and nourishing. Apply as a mask once a week, maybe even leave overnight, unlock the moisture and get that summer feeling even as the days grow chillier.


Wet or dry, curly or straight, long or short, Lifeshine Oil is perfect for parched strands. Our light-weight, smoothing, fragrant finishing touch is wonderful post-wash or on dry hair for a high-gloss finish. With moisturising extracts and nutrients from the Baobab Tree or ‘Tree of Life’, enhance your silver with just a few drops.

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