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Have you tried our Brilliant Shampoo?

Have you tried our Brilliant Shampoo?

 Do you say: ‘I’m happy with my grey hair but I’d love it if…’?

… it was shinier/brighter/less brassy?

Much as we love it, it’s an occupational hazard that white hair can quickly become visibly duller and yellowy from everyday pollutants, strong sunshine or too much heat from hot stylers.

That’s why we created Brilliant Shampoo, our best-seller with a supercharged boost of Blue Lupin for dazzling shine and a touch of magic from KeravisTM to smooth and strengthen.

1. Instant brightening

Optical brighteners for dazzling shine

2. Banish dull tones

Extracts of Blue Lupin and optical brightener diminish dull and yellowy tones.

3. Smoothing

KeravisTM smoothes and strengthens hair

We suggest using Brilliant once a week or whenever your hair needs a brightening boost. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Jane has to say about Brilliant Shampoo:
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Try Brilliant Shampoo - Testimonial from Jane R

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