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About White Hot

Welcome to White Hot!

We are an independent, UK based hair care brand created specifically for the needs (and wants) of white and grey hair. Our founder Jayne Mayled launched White Hot in 2013 after growing out her grey. She wanted luxurious products that would really make her new hair look and feel great, that smelled delicious and celebrated silver style in a positive way. So she decided to create her own. Jayne’s vision for White Hot was to create a small collection of must-have products and to build an encouraging social community of people who were loving life with their silver hair.

Our 7 essential products are designed to make your grey look and feel its best, whether that’s banishing the brassiness, bringing the oomph or creating the shine.

Why White Hot?

Our formulations have been expertly crafted to maximise their effect on your grey, combining science and nature to create a range of products that really work. Learn more about our ingredients here.

After ditching the dye, as the balance of pigment in your hair changes, its texture and thickness can start to change too. We’ve designed our range to brighten, nourish, cleanse, condition and bring shine and definition to your hair. All with the beautiful signature White Hot fragrance.

We’re thrilled to have you here, so join our silver tribe, get to know our products, see them in action and help us spread the White Hot word.