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Our Founder's Story

Our founder, Jayne Mayled, created White Hot in 2013 having embraced her natural grey hair after dyeing it for over 30 years.

‘I was in my early fifties when I made the decision to stop colouring my hair, with the help of my hairdresser who gently helped me see that my four weekly dye regime wasn’t making me feel happy and positive about my hair. Encouraged by her advice to ‘change what’s in your head before you change what’s on it’, I reflected on the many negative associations of grey haired women that I’d let filter into my brain. Letting yourself go, looking ‘old’, giving up, they were all phrases I was determined to banish from my mind.

Once my silvery grey hair was finally revealed, I realised I needed to care for it differently, and when I couldn’t find a regime that worked for me, I decided to create my own. I wanted quality products that really made a difference, that smelled divine and that stood for something positive and celebratory in having grey hair. White Hot was the result.’

‘Some years on, I am glad to see that attitudes are changing and more and more people are seeing that grey hair is just another colour choice and one that can look gorgeous, stylish and fresh. I strongly believe that not everything we do to look good has to be about looking younger, but I’ve yet to meet a silver haired woman who doesn’t feel vibrant, free and illuminated by her fresh colour choice.

At White Hot, we believe that age and experience are beautiful things. We want to do our bit to ensure that our daughters and granddaughters feel comfortable in their own skin and are not afraid of growing older or horrified by finding a strand of silver in their hair. After all, getting older is an amazing privilege, life is for living and there is definitely more to life than hair’

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