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Introducing James White: Hairdresser

James White - Hairdresser

We are delighted to introduce hairdresser James White. As well as cutting and colouring for his many clients, James has won coveted awards for his bridal hair, including the title of ‘Wedding Hairdresser of the Year’ in 2012. We met James recently and as well as being a fabulous hairdresser, he’s also really pro-grey and has plenty to say on the matter.

We are thrilled to be working with James - we know that when you’re ready to embrace your grey or white hair, it’s important to find a hairdresser you can trust, who understands the beauty of it. James is just this kind of hairdresser and we hope that by working with him, we can bring you lots of hints, tips and inspiration to keep your grey hair looking and feeling fantastic.

To help you get a feel for James and what he’s about, here’s a quick Q&A we did with him recently:

Q: How long have you been a hairdresser?
A: I have been hairdressing for 13 years now; I started as a ‘shampoo boy’ on a Saturday in a local salon and it just went from there.

Q: How long have you had your own salon?
A: I opened my own salon, JW, in the centre of Nottingham, just over 5 years ago now.

Q: What’s your favourite part of being a hairdresser?
A: I love hairdressing for exactly what it is - dressing someone's hair and the effect that can have on them - both on their appearance, but perhaps more importantly, on their confidence. I’m also lucky enough to travel with my work, which I really enjoy - it’s fabulous seeing different and amazing places and I’ve met some wonderful people on the way.

Q: You clearly have an expertise in wedding hair and up-dos, but what else do you love in terms of the techniques and disciplines of hairdressing?
A: For me I love the effects of a strong hair cut, with the structure in the right places. If you get this right in the salon then you can give someone a long lasting hair style that can be recreated out of the salon. That’s really important for me - it’s no good for anyone if their hair only looks good for one day in the six weeks or so between visits.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to change perceptions of grey hair?
A: The good thing is that perceptions of grey hair are already changing; we now have 20 year old girls trying to dye their hair grey, which wouldn’t have happened even just five years ago. But I think it’s important for people to realise that at the end of the day, getting grey hair is a natural process and it’s a journey that everyone’s hair will take at some point. So, if you feel comfortable with it, embrace it.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to a woman who has embraced her grey, what would it be?
A: The secret to great grey style is a strong, well-maintained hair cut - it’s all about that! I can’t stress that enough.

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