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Your hair, your choice : To go grey or not to go grey?

Your hair, your choice : To go grey or not to go grey?

I love a pixie cut. I love a silver crop. I love funky shorter hair cuts. I ALSO love long curls. Tumbling waves. Poker straight mid-length grey. All styles and everything in between. There are definitely assumptions made after ditching the dye that you would automatically cut grey hair short. I for one love both looks. As someone who had a short choppy crop for years and who is now celebrating having an almost bob, it feels practically Rapunzel-like for me to have let my hair grow longer, and I have since had more (very lovely) compliments about my hair than I had for a while.

Ultimately, I think it’s about choice. Whatever makes you feel best when you look in the mirror, whatever way YOU feel like styling your hair. Happiness looks best. Acceptance looks best. Being at ease in your own skin looks and feels best.

During the last year, we have definitely had time to ponder what we’ll do next with our hair (as light relief from the much heavier things going on in the world) and some of you may be toying with the idea of rocking the crop. Chopping off your hair and shaking things up. Some of you may be going with the growth and letting your silvers flow as they want. That’s great! Just because you no longer dye your hair doesn’t mean you stop mixing up your look and changing your style.

It’s easy to fall into safe styles and as I said above, if it makes you feel your best....Keep going with it. But if you find yourself feeling inspired by a cut you find on Pinterest or love a style from our Facebook page, embrace it! Try something new, cut it off, grow it long, change is good!

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