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'You really shouldn't stop dyeing your hair...' : Why this is a lie

'You really shouldn't stop dyeing your hair...' : Why this is a lie

Who has encountered the ‘oh gosh I don’t think you should stop dyeing’ committee? Those who say that it will make you ‘look older’ (who cares), or ask if you’re ‘doing ok’ (yes, great thanks).

We’re pretty sure everyone who has ditched the dye has come across at least one person who tries to discourage them.

What to say?

‘I appreciate your opinion, but I made this choice for me. I’m pretty sure I’ll love it, but if I don’t… I know I can always go back.’

It’s not a life-long commitment if you don’t want it to be. Just like dyeing your hair a different colour, you can always change it again. Mostly, the people that try to put you off feel as though it turns a mirror to face them. Perhaps they have silvers hiding underneath their dye ritual. You choosing to stop the dye-life doesn’t mean they have to, or that you’re shaming them for carrying on.

The beauty of choice is that it’s yours.

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