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Winter Winners

Winter Winners

It’s cold. It’s a bit gloomy. It’s January (we kind of love it…) But your grey looks better than ever? Surely that must be a myth…Not at White Hot. During winter, we focus on hydration, masks, shine-injections, dullness-ditchers for our hair to feel its best. Today, I thought I would share a few of my favourite White Hot winter winners (WWWW for short…)

WWWW 1 : Luminous Gloss Duo

A dreamy moisture-boosting regular combo, for gentle de-tangling, soothing and de-frizzing. Blustery winter weather can cause knotty dryness and your hair might be screaming for a dash of hydration. Look no further.

WWWW 2 : Intense Lustre Mask

Dark evenings call for a hot bath, your latest book and Intense. Brightening, hydration and nourishment with a splash of indulgence.

WWWW 3 : Cleanse Duo

Your shampoo routine is crucial to great grey. Glorious Shampoo is an all-round winner for regular foamy cleansing, but with Brilliant Shampoo swapped in every few washes to combat brassiness? Now you’re talking.

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