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Why I want to celebrate my grey

Why I want to celebrate my grey

Happy Wednesday! Today, I thought I would share 3 reasons why I celebrate my grey. There are many, but these 3 may be some of the most important to me.

Why do you celebrate your grey? Is it simply because you like it, it’s fun and freeing, less time-consuming and expensive, less chemicals from dye...or does it run deeper than that?

I love that I made the choice over a decade ago. I want to continue to enjoy that choice every single day. I decided to reject the negative connotations associated with stopping dyeing your hair, reject the lazy ‘ageing’ narrative, celebrate the fact that I was making a freeing choice for me. That never gets old, (and even if it did…you know how positive I feel about getting older).

I celebrate my grey to show my daughter that there are many different ways to be. You don’t have to fit into one box. There are different ways to get older. To release the pressure. How freeing it is to celebrate yourself as you are. In her mid twenties, she is already bombarded with messages about ‘anti-ageing’ and I’m determined to keep showing her that grey doesn’t = old and old doesn’t = negative. Ageing is a wonderful gift and vibrant, positive, self acceptance and zest for life belongs in all hair colours and all ages.

Fun! It really is fun. It feels unique and special. Healthy and shiny. Carefree and liberating.

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