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Why does my grey hair feel dry and coarse in cold weather?

Why does my grey hair feel dry and coarse in cold weather?

Now autumn has arrived, the cold weather outside and the heating inside can wreak havoc with our hair, leaving it dry, brittle and dehydrated, so a question we often get asked at this time of year is:

 Why does my grey hair feel more coarse and dry in the colder months?

Because grey hair can be a lot finer and drier compared to other hair types, it can feel coarse. However, it can be particularly noticeable in the colder weather, which can zap hair of moisture, making grey hair feel rough and dry.

To combat the effects of cold weather, you could try using a conditioner for grey hair to keep it looking and feeling healthy. Our Intense Lustre Mask is an intensive conditioner for grey hair that deeply moisturises, nourishes and strengthens grey hair, leaving it feeling smooth and sleek. It also contains optical brightener for added bounce, shine and a boost of brightness.

To deeply condition your grey hair, simply smooth Intense Lustre Mask onto damp hair and leave for 3 minutes while you shower or soak, then rinse and your hair will feel smoother and silkier.

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