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White Hot at Home

White Hot at Home

In these difficult times of uncertainty, we hear that a lot of the stress comes from not feeling in control. Of course, many of us have had enough unexpected life experiences to know that being in control is a complete illusion anyway!

I know I keep catching myself going to do something and thinking ‘Oh! I can’t do that now!’ from the trip to the dental hygienist to getting my hair cut.  It’s very disconcerting.  Lots of my friends are joking about the state of their hair when they get to ‘the other side’ with a fair number horrified at the thought that grey may appear. I’m just very glad that’s not on my list of things to worry about right now.

Like many of you I’m working from home and tempting as it is to stay in my pjs and not brush my hair for a few days, here’s a few things I’ve been thinking about:

Hair and Home Office Combo
I’m sitting at my desk and spending a lot of time on the ‘phone or on video calls. By the end of the day I’ve probably run my hands through my hair a hundred times and it feels a bit grubby.  A warm shower and a hair wash starts my day right, even if the commute is 10 paces from the bedroom to my desk

Loosen up on the Styling
I’m not going anywhere so can give my hair a break from heated styling and hairspray and that feels good for a change. I’m not giving up my Shooshing Crème  though, I still need a bit of oomph and messiness to feel like me.

Small Pleasures
I have a candle burning on my desk as I write this.  I never do that when I’m in the ‘proper office’ so it feels like a real treat.  Today it’s ‘Sand + Fog, Chai ', inspired on the California coast. A long way from a village in the middle of England and lovely for that.

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