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White Hot and The Lady Taverners

White Hot and The Lady Taverners

If you haven't heard of the Lady Taverners then let us tell you a little bit about them: they are a group of incredibly proactive, passionate and vibrant women who collectively and individually work hard to make a difference to people’s lives, particularly disadvantaged and disabled children.

So recently we were thrilled to do ‘our bit’ by sponsoring their annual Spring Lunch, which is a fundraising event as well as a celebration of the results of all their efforts. We were lucky enough to have a table at the event, where we were joined by two of our most loyal customers, Denise and Rosemary and her friend Jayne, as well as celebrity patrons of the charity, Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Sommerville. We met some amazing people on the day, which in itself raised more than £22,000 - and that, plus the swanky Park Lane venue and delicious lunch all contributed to us having a wonderful time!

We believe it’s so important to try and make the most of every day with a positive spirit and we feel that the Lord and Lady Taverners set out to do just this. The effect that the charity has on disadvantaged and disabled children is phenomenal – from creating sensory rooms and suitable playgrounds to providing sporting chances and days out - enabling them to enjoy some of the things that we all take for granted. So we were pleased to have the opportunity to support such a worthwhile cause in our own small way.

To find out more about The Lady Taveners and their amazing work visit their website here: