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Hello Hairdresser : Here's what to ask for white and grey hair....

Hello Hairdresser : Here's what to ask for white and grey hair....

For many of us, hairdressers have been reopening in the next phase of easing restrictions. Do you have an appointment? Or do you feel more relaxed about it, maybe not so eager to book? Maybe you feel desperate for a trim? Of course one of the wonderful things about dye-ditching is that you may not have that urgent maintenance feeling in the same way.

Over the last year, we have received many questions from those of you new to grey, on your journey or curious about it. Advice for getting started, sticking with it and feeling celebratory. I hope we have managed to help even in the smallest way.

Today I thought I would share a few questions that may be useful to ask your hairdresser if you’re on your way to grey.

*How to blend in your natural colour with previous dye to create a less harsh grow out line

*Styling ideas for along the way

*Where to begin.....?

*Switching up the cut to suit your emerging colour

*Condition care and hydration

Without a doubt, it is easier to care for natural hair from home. Although many of you have got in touch to say how excited you are for a fresh cut, style and pamper, the regular use of your White Hot faves will have kept your silver looking and feeling glorious in between and beyond.

Any questions or product recommendations? Do get in touch on Facebook or Instagram or via [email protected] Keep sending your silver selfies too, we love to hear from you!

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Founder- White Hot

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