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We're not 'granny', we're great!

We're not 'granny', we're great!

This year’s biggest hair trend has undeniably been the #GrannyHair phenomenon that has taken social media by storm.

With A-listers such as Cara Delevingne, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kate Moss dyeing their hair a silver-grey hue, it’s no surprise that Instagram is awash with twenty something’s showing-off their dyed grey hair.

But what does this mean for us naturally grey, silver and white haired women?

In the past, women (not men!) were seen to have ‘given up’ or ‘let themselves go’ if they embraced their grey, or were even spotted with the odd one or two grey strands (just look at the furore with Kate Middleton earlier this year.)  However, we do think there’s been a shift, and it’s now more accepted that grey is an aspirational hair colour in its own right, alongside brunette, blonde and red.

However, as much as we love this trend, the term ‘granny hair’ seems counterproductive as it reinforces the message that grey hair is associated with old age. We know that younger people probably see it as ironic and that we shouldn’t be so uptight about it, but we believe when women are going grey from their twenties onwards, we should acknowledge that grey hair is not just for ‘grannies’. Otherwise, how will the stereotypes every really change?

Besides, we believe natural grey hair is gorgeous and has tones, depth and colours that you simply can’t achieve with hair dye.  But, whatever our views may be on ‘#GrannyHair’, we can’t deny that it has helped the media and hopefully our future generations see grey hair in a different light.  Whether dyed or natural, we’re pleased that the media is finally starting to portray what we’ve been thinking all along – grey hair is simply another colour choice.

Celebrity hairdresser Vinz agrees: “I like gray hair a lot; I find it very elegant... A few years ago I worked with a model in her 60s. She had very long silver hair that she had maintained in top condition. I found it sublime.”

When you embrace your natural grey hair, we’d always advise you give it extra special care. Try using our shampoo and conditioner for grey hair that are especially created for the needs of natural grey, white and silver hair. To buy White Hot products, discover our full range here.