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Thanks for all your amazing feedback

Thanks for all your amazing feedback

Since we launched, we have been overwhelmed with the response from our customers. Our Founder, Jayne, has worked in the beauty industry for more than twenty years and yet says she’s never experienced such spontaneous positive feedback on a brand.  So, thank you.

One amazing customer, Anne Woodward, went so far as to write into the Daily Mail, saying:

“I use White Hot products to maintain my grey hair and - honestly - it has never looked better.  They aren’t cheap, but last a long time, so are good value.”

We know that as customers, it’s great to read what other customers think of products and brands, but of course don’t expect you all to write to a national newspaper!  However, we have signed up to customer review system Feefo:  If you buy anything from the White Hot website, you will receive a follow-up email from Feefo that asks you to score us on product and service.  It takes just a few seconds, but may help someone else who is shopping, so if you receive this message we’d be really grateful if you could send a response back.  Thank you.