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Suzanne's Story

Suzanne's Story

We recently received a lovely message from a new White Hot customer, Suzanne. She is just as passionate as we are about the beauty of grey hair and was kind enough to share the story of her transition from “very dark” to grey.

Read Suzanne’s story here…


“I live in France and years ago met a fantastic hairdresser there, having read his story featured in a magazine. I was bowled over by his expertise and actually by him (but he was taken) and so I continued to drive the three hours there and three hours back every five weeks to have my hair done. It probably sounds a lot, but many of his clients travel much further than that!

A long story and some sad circumstances led to us becoming a couple. Like lots of ladies I thought living with your very own hairdresser would be hair heaven. Hmm, you live and learn...

After a while he tried to persuade me to let go of my lovely graduated bob with my beloved fringe, but I baulked at the idea of a pixie cut. However, after many more months of heated discussion on the subject and covertly watching videos on buzz cuts, I was inspired by women such as Ruby Rose and asked him to clipper it all off.  So he did. I loved it, fringe gone, hair spiked up, shorter than my son’s.

It was only after my change in hairstyle that came the yearning for grey. Like many women, I used to spy half an inch of grey in my dark hair and hate it, but slowly, I became seduced by the idea that 'grey is the new black' and stunning images of lilac grey, pepper and salt, pink grey and platinum locks.

Oh the process of getting there! But now I have and absolutely love it. I actually look younger and feel it. I've always worn makeup and know the importance of colour to lift the skin, but even my makeup has taken on a new lease of life.

I would definitely say (as my partner and I always do), go for it! Don't be ‘just’ who you are, but who you want to be - you're only here once. We see many ladies who hide behind their hair (perhaps as I did with my fringe) but it is so liberating to do something completely different. Grey is the new black and thankfully doesn't herald old age but is glam and sexy. Teamed with well cut hair grey makes everything you wear look wonderful and actually takes years off of your face.”


Thank you to Suzanne for sharing her transition story- we’d love to hear yours too. If you do, we will send you a free product of your choice. Post your experience here or send your story to [email protected].
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