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Spring into spring

Spring into spring

It’s the first day of spring! I love spring. Fresh starts, warmer weather, flowers, lighter days. Lovely. At White Hot, we’re also getting ready to SPRING into some newness very soon and we can’t wait. You’re going to love it.

With all the talk of new beginnings that comes with a change of season, I wanted to remind you that you can change your mind.

Start the journey to grey, decide it isn’t for you and dye again. Dye your hair and swear you would never stop, then cancel your root touch up, take the plunge and love it. Stop dyeing for years and have second thoughts. Then wake up the next day and feel great again. You’re not locked into anything.

It doesn’t just take a change in season to make shifts. Nothing has to be forever. You’re allowed to mix things up. To change. Take the pressure off, release expectations and enjoy the journey… wherever it takes you.

In fact, riding the dye-free waves rather than resisting them may just make it all feel a bit easier and more fun in the long run.

If you’re new to us and are looking for a way to love your grey more, we can help. If you’re a long-term White Hot-er (thank you) and want to boost your hair routine or switch up your style, we can help. Spring is a great time to evaluate whether you’re feeling your best.

Reach out on Facebook or Instagram with anything you need, or alternatively drop us a message at [email protected] if you prefer. Send your spring selfies to us! We love to re-post on our socials.


White Hot Founder